"The Best of France"

Aurouze was launched in June 2019 in Paris, France.

"My friend Luka and I decided to bring some of our French Alps roots to Paris, the city we were born and always lived in. The result of this mariage is Aurouze : a stunning liqueur we created with all our heart and passion.

Its unique taste comes from the Artemisia flower. A unique flower that only grows wild in France. Our local partners in Savoy and High-Alps regions provide us with natural and organic plants. Our unique savoir-faire comes from a century old family tradition of handcrafted french liqueurs.

We are very proud of our country and we always try to deliver "The Best of France". To produce Aurouze, we decided to only use ingredients and materials produced in our country. Our plants, sugar and alcohol are all produced in France. Same with our bottle, our cork or our wax.

"Act to make a difference"

Using only french origin materials to produce our liqueur allow us to reduce our carbon footprint. In these tough times for our planet and environnement, it is important that we all act to make a difference.

Our passion for liqueurs doesn’t stop to Aurouze. We constantly try some new combinations of plants and flowers to create the flavors of tomorrow.

Quality, dedication and innovation : the three key words of our company !"

Guillaume BERMOND, founder of Aurouze.