Aurouze : craft Organic liquor made in Paris

Aurouze is a craft organic Artemisia liquor made in Paris, France.

Aurouze is made according to an age-old traditionnal method that allows our flowers to fully express their flavors. Aurouze is a tasty, herbal and sweet liquor entirely handcrafted.

Aurouze is an organic Artemisia liqueur made in Paris, France. Aurouze is made of organic flowers that grow in the French Alps. We only use organic and french origin ingredients to produce Aurouze. This allows us to deliver a high-quality liquor for all enthusiasts.

Our story

Aurouze was born in 2019 in cellars in Paris, France. When we created Aurouze, we wanted to honor french tradition of great liqueurs and give it a modern touch. Producing our liquor in Paris, our home town, was a great challenge and we're very proud of it.

From the beginning, our goal was to promote our liquor around Europe. We're proud of it and we want to share our passion with everyone.


Paris mixology world is the driving force of Aurouze. We constantly reinvent ourselves with some of the great Paris mixologists.

Aurouze already crossed French borders. In London, New-York, Berlin or Monaco, mixologist are experimenting and creating new cocktails with our liqueur. We are always amazed by their creations.

We created as well easy cocktails you can make in a few minutes. We invite you to discover them !
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