Paris Made Us

The City of Lights and its vibrant environnement is an endless source of inspiration for our team. We collaborated with both parisian mixologists and fashion designers to create the perfect liqueur that represents the Paris spirit : creativity and excellence.


Passion is thriving through the Aurouze team. Passion for great liqueurs and excellence encouraged us to produced the Aurouze liqueur in the traditional handcrafted french way.

Our Artemesia flowers are organic and cultivated by hand with our local partners in the French Alps. We only use french origin materials to produce Aurouze.


Paris mixology world is the driving force of Aurouze. We constantly reinvent ourselves with some of the great Paris mixologists.

Aurouze already crossed French borders. In Hong-Kong, New-York City or Monaco, mixologist are experimenting and creating new cocktails with our liqueur. We are always amazed by their creations and we invite you to discover them.
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